Monday, December 10, 2012

Prouvé's Legacy

                Jean Prouve is considered as a pioneer by many people who have observed his work. The full potential of his work was only recognized a few years later as many people, especially in France, did not fully appreciate his high-tech style of architecture.

                Many people have taken Prouve as a huge inspiration towards their work. Renzo Piano has always referred to Prouve as an exemplary figure as Piano himself grew up in the same fashion as Prouve did. Renzo grew up around many builders and he learned about fabrication in the same respect as Prouve did, giving him a greater respect for Prouve.

                One of the greatest attributions to the high-tech movement started by Prouve is hte Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. This flexible, industrialized, prefabricated building was designed by architects Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and assisted by Peter Rice. Jean Prouve had nothing but admiration when the building was completed as he believed this building would give the architects of the current time a boost to their otherwise backwards designs.

                Other notable inspirations from Prouve are derived from his furniture design and his light design. Many design companies, like Ikea, have taken his famous potence lamp and reworked it into a modern industrial lamp similar to Prouve’s original.


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