Monday, December 10, 2012

Powerpoint and Notes


- 72 dpi
- keep proportions at 11x8 1/2
- DO NOT design transitions inside the slides
- save the slideshow as a pdf after it's finished
- permitted transitions: change, fade through black, and dissolve
- no more then two type faces (), two styles, two/three weights, two colours
- make sure its legible, can be left justified, right justified, or centred  but make it consistent
- never build an image under 200 dpi
- make a note of what type face your running
- scan photos into photoshop
- best effects for presentation are colour balance, saturation, unsharp mask or smart sharpen (under filters), and gaussian blur
- copy background and work on the new layer, then make original layer more transparent and overlay it
- DO NOT have distracting optical information
- you want it to look like it was grabbed out of a newspaper not dragged all over the internet and your computer

- adjust multiple images from one place the same way
- site images on the weblog
- figure out how to do the presentation without a voice-over (although it is allowed)
- more like a movie then a slideshow
- tell a story through the design of the presentation
- unnecessary noise detracts from your work

REMEMBER... please put a caption under all images, format citations, AND proof read! ASAP

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